Why Invest in Vanuatu


1. Vanuatu has No Income Tax, No Estate Tax and No Capital Gain Tax

 2. It is a Growing Economy in the South Pacific, close to Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia

 3. It is a Politically Stable Country and its People are welcoming, friendly and the happiest in the World

 4. It is a thriving Financial Centre with several International Banks and Professional Financial Advisers

 5. There is No Limitation or Tax on incoming and outgoing Capital

 6. It is a Multilingual environment and Banks offer Accounts in all major Currencies 

 7. Anyone can purchase properties in Vanuatu and Foreign Investment is encouraged

 8. Any foreign Property or Business Investor can apply for Residency and Dual Citizenship is recognised

 9. As a Developing Country, it offers many Opportunities without being over regulated

10. Vanuatu has an ever growing Tourism Industry and major Infrastructure works are done or under way, including Airpots Upgrade, New City Roads and round Island Bridges

 11. There is a thriving Bulding Industry and Permits are not over regulated

 12. Vanuatu cares for the Preservation of its Environment and Sustainable Energy

 13. Vanuatu has a Warm Tropical climate, with max temperature ranging from 20 to 36 C

 14. There are 83 largely Incontaminated Islands in the Archipelago, with their own forgotten way of life, Customs, Traditions and Dialects

 15. Vanuatu has amazing Reef and Marine Life, Vulcanoes, Waterfalls and Tropical Deserted Beaches

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